Dr. Rodrigo Recabarren Hurtado

Hometown: Coquimbo, Chile.

Undergraduate institution: Pontifical Catholic University of Chile

Graduate institution: University of Groningem (MSc in Chemistry),
University of Talca (PhD in Applied Sciences)

PhD project title: “Understanding the Phosphoryl Transfer Mechanisms in
Protein Kinases through QM/MM Hybrid Methods”

Representative publications:
– Solorza, J.; Recabarren, R.; Alzate-Morales, J. Molecular Insights into the
Trapping Effect of Ca2+ in Protein Kinase A: A Molecular Dynamics Study.
J. Chem. Inf. Model. 2020, 60 (2), 898–914.
– Recabarren, R.; Osorio, E. H.; Caballero, J.; Tuñón, I.; Alzate-Morales, J.
H. Mechanistic Insights into the Phosphoryl Transfer Reaction in Cyclin-
Dependent Kinase 2: A QM/MM Study. PLOS ONE 2019, 14 (9),